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Melbourne Award Winners!

Reground is an Australian company that tries to keep as much as possible spent coffee grounds from the landfills. On November 12.2022, the Reground team received the Melbourne Award in the category of Sustainability. Our congratulations to the team!

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NetZero - The first biochar CORC (Carbon removal Certificate) supplier in Africa

NetZero's first coffee husk/biochar project in Cameroon was certified in 2022 by the Puro Standard, the world's leading certification standard for biochar projects.

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Nivea launches a face cream with Kaffe Bueno´s coffee oil as a main ingredient.

The German skincare brand has joined the upcycling movement: for the first time in its history, a recycled ingredient, coffee grounds, was used in a face cream, in the Naturally Good range.

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Press Release: NetZero to launch the construction of Brazil’s first biochar production plant

Paris & Belo Horizonte, 5 July 2022 - NetZero, the French start-up leader in long-term carbon removal in the tropics, announces it has begun today the construction of the first industrial biochar production plant in Latin America...

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Check out this upcoming webinar about Takachar, a charcoal/biochar technology producer and winner of the Earthshot prize.

Takachar - CDR via Mobile Thermal Treatment of Waste Biomass - Kevin Kung

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A few days ago I did an interview with Axel Reinaud, co-founder of NetZero. NetZero opened a pyrolysis plant in Cameroon just a few months ago, using exclusively coffee husks as feedstock (and concrete steps to open a second plant in Brazil are already done). And while I was writing down the interview for my next blog post, Axel Reinaud sent me this Press Release:

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Learn what a healthy, sustainable diet looks like and how certain types of food can help prevent disease. Co-funded by the European Union.

Here's the team of educators, which includes the well known Dolores del Castillo.

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The first ever conference about coffee by-products! 

2nd International Electronic Conference on Foods
Live Session:
"Coffee By-products as Sustainable Novel Foods"
Chaired by Dr. Dirk W. Lachenmeier.

Date and Time:
15 October 2021, 10:00 AM (GMT+02:00/CEST - Central Europe)

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