The Zero Waste Coffee Project

Feeding Black Soldier Fly larvae with coffee pulp. An interview with Laura Stanford of THE BUG PICTURE, Kenya.

Laura, are insects, such as your favourite, the Black Soldier Fly, an alternative means to reducing our organic waste produced globally? Can they help to limit greenhouse gas emissions? Are they a good source of protein to meet increasing global demand, at least regarding animal feed? And to touch on our particular subject, how can they help farmers, especially coffee farmers?

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Dr. Hans Jurgen Langenbahn

A true craftsman, his fascination and scientific understanding of coffee from seed to cup is unparalleled in his field. With a background in Anthropology, field research in Sudan and Ethiopia exposed him to the complex process and qualifications required to create great coffee. Even to this day, Hans takes regular visits back to Addis Ababa to support and work with our partnered farmers and suppliers.

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